My battleground

March 7, 2013

As the generals gather around the recon photos

the orange fires show brightly against the darkness surrounding them.

The largest, against the edge of the territory, burning

almost white hot at its center;

the other three the guerillas set

as the took the highway to newer playgrounds

marking their route off this field to who knows where!

The men have the tools and skills they need to reduce the fires

and snuff them, like a modern day Red Adair stopping a blown out well-

but the other anarchist insipidly destroying the rest of the territory

making it unlivable; unusable-a wasteland

as it slowly advances means no matter how much they reduce the fires

their ultimate tool to snuff those fires could destroy some of the little

arable territory left!

So they plan, measure and plan some more...

while I wait, fingers crossed hoping

that this battle they are fighting to save my lungs from cancer

doesn't let Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis take a stronger hold

and shorten my life even more!

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laughing at us...



Never did they intend to

grow quite so large!

After all, they began

just like us!

What was inside

to strong to contain;

it escaped onto page

and when read, the

accolades pronounced them



and though they protested

thus became royalty!

All they ever wanted was

to expell the demons

and phantoms...

the ghosts within!


January 30, 2010
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(no subject)

The angst
doesn't transit
to words as well.

Though the
outrage still

The cruelty
heaped upon

shall never
fail to
rouse ire!

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(no subject)

The words
don't come easily
as they used to.

The thoughts
and whirling.

still tries
it's wings.

I can't look
for fear it
will fail!

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(no subject)

Fears abound
numbers slide
hope rises!

Perhaps '68
will finally
arrive in '08!

The banner
picked up
by another...

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Holiday boxes

Pretty paper
bows and

as I
work my mind

thinking of
the boxes
are receiving
for the

The shiny
one wrapped
in flags!
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